The Big Clamber-Fantastic! Weekend

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BIG Clamber-Fantastic! Weekend 2019
Mar 01

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This weekend will feature a range of indoor climbing and bouldering related activities and socials for all levels of ability, including complete beginners!

As a first for OutdoorLads, come and join us in London for a weekend like no other, dedicated to celebrating our climbers and boulderers! Whether you're a seasoned climber or boulderer, or would like to come and give it a try there'll be loads to do across an exciting weekend of activities.

‘But London has no mountains?!’ I hear you ask - and you’d be right, but what it lacks in topography, it makes up for in some of the finest indoor climbing and bouldering facilities in the country. And besides, it’ll still be winter, so climbing outdoors will still be a little way off.

So how will it work?

This isn’t going to be a camp or hostel in the traditional OutdoorLads sense. Instead this will be a festival of indoor climbing and bouldering, with loads of associated activities for you to try. Take a look below to see what's in store!


  • Welcome social - Click here to book now! - A casual introduction to the weekend’s activities and the opportunity to meet other OutdoorLads climbers and boulderers from across the country!

  • Hostel Accommodation - Click here to book now! - If you're planning to travel to London for the weekend, we've arranged for some rooms in a central London hostel.


The day's main events will take place at the UK's biggest indoor bouldering wall:

  • Bouldering Afternoon - Click here to book now! - Saturday afternoon’s activities will focus around Bouldering at the UK’s largest dedicated bouldering centre, designated by the BMC as a National Performance Centre, one of only 5 in the UK. Fancy going higher? (or prefer your climbing with some rope?) Bring your harness and reach all the way to the top using the centre’s auto belays

  • Beginners Introduction Session to Bouldering (12:30 start) - Click here to book now! - if you’ve never climbed or bouldered before, our experienced leaders will show you all you need to know to get started safely through in a special guided session. After this, you'll be free to climb with everyone else, as well as taking part in most of the other activities on offer.

  • Climbing Coaching Session: Rockovers and Fancy Footwork (12:30 start) - Click here to book now! - This session is aimed at improving your balance, poise and power so that you’ll be able to tackle these tricksy climbs with more ease and confidence.

  • Climbing Coaching Session: Steep Climbs and Overhangs (14:00 start) - Click here to book now! - This coaching session will help you harness your inner gecko to power up those roofs and overhangs!

  • Climbing Coaching Session: The Joy of Dynos! (15:30 start) - Click here to book now! - Train your inner monkey and focus your power and energy to leap and fly up and across the walls!

  • Indoor Caving (13:00 and 14:30 start) - Squeeze, crawl and wiggle your way through Europe’s largest artificial indoor caving system (which, to the puerile mind also happens to look slightly anatomical…) Two sessions: Book for the 14:30 session or the Book the 15:30 session now!

  • Yoga for Climbing (15:30 start) - Click here to book now! - get that extra bit of flexibility you always wish you had to reach that final hold

  • Climbing and Bouldering Leader catch-up - A chance to meet other climbing and bouldering leaders  from across the country to catch up and exchange tips and ideas. If you're not a leader yet but are interested or have some good ideas for events in your area or to set up new events near you, come and have a chat with our team of leaders and organisers to see how we can help to make it happen!

  • On top of all of these, we’ll drop in some fun competitions, talks by inspirational climbing speakers and loads of other exciting bits and bobs throughout the afternoon!

  • Saturday Buffet and Social - Click here to book now! - In the evening, we've arranged the back room of our favourite South London post-bouldering pub - a chance to catch up with friends old and new over a drink and a buffet.


With the focus on bouldering the day before, on Sunday we’ll head to one of the UK’s leading indoor climbing centres for a late morning / early afternoon of climbing. Whether you like to top-rope or get your kicks through leading - or even if you’ve never tried it before - there will be range of activities on offer to make your climbing experience even better:

  • Climbing and/ or bouldering - Click here to book now! - London's leading venue, whether you like to top-rope or get your kicks through leading. Don’t worry if you like your climbing unencumbered by ropes as the centre has an excellent selection of bouldering areas including slabs, overhangs and roofs!

  • Climbing and bouldering taster session - Click here to book now!- if you’ve never climbed before, our leaders will give you a taste of climbing the taller walls, and throw in a bit more bouldering as well.

  • Professional coaching session - Book for 11:00 or 12:30including falling practice and movement coaching.

  • Yoga for Climbing - Click here to book now! - ease the twinges from the day before and relax into another great climbing session.

After our session, those who wish to can join us for a leisurely Sunday lunch before heading home.

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