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Donate to OutdoorLads

Thank you for visiting this page!

As you'll be well aware, OutdoorLads had a bit of a struggle going from 2020 in to 2021. Massive thanks to those that kept their membership active, accepted refunds as vouchers, and were patient with us while we rescheduled events!

OutdoorLads is here to get more gay, bi, and trans guys in to the outdoors. We remain financially afloat by charging for Full Membership, and making a modest income from some of our events. Throughout the pandemic, we had to do the odd rattle of the charity bucket, as our income had understandably dropped. Hopefully, we're now back on our feet for good. But, if you're here looking to make a donation to your favourite outdoor charity, we certainly won't turn you away!


As Virgin Money Giving shut up shop on 30th November 2021, we're now utilising Facebook Fundraising. This is a completely free donation service, so OutdoorLads will receive 100% of the money you donate, and 100% of the Gift Aid claimed.

Just click on the 'Donate' link at the top of the OutdoorLads Facebook page.

If you don't have Facebook, you can donate via this link. OutdoorLads will receive your donation minus any transaction charges (1.4% + £0.20), and Gift Aid requests will be manually handled by the office team.


Thanks again for your commitment in ensuring OutdoorLads continue to Get Out More!