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My First Event

Joining OutdoorLads is the best thing that I have ever done. I have enjoyed so many events and have made friends for life.

Don't worry

We realise that attending your first event with OutdoorLads might feel daunting. 

What will happen? Who will be there? What can you expect? 

Rest assured, whatever your doubts or concerns we'll make a big effort to make you feel welcome! 


Feeling welcome

If you are at all nervous, or concerned in any way about being able to enjoy the event there are several things you can do to reassure yourself.

Firstly have a look at the descriptions about what it's like to go on some of our popular events for the first time. You can read more about the ones people tend to go on first by following the links on this page.

Once you've found an event you would like to try, you are always welcome to send a message about an event to the person who is leading it. If you have any concerns or questions, just click on their link in the event listing and you can then see their profile page. There you will find out more about them, and there's a button to click to send them a message in advance.

You could also arrange to have a chat with them when you arrive at the event to settle any nerves or sort out any concerns.

We want everyone to feel welcome, and once you've been on a few events you'll feel that for sure, but it's especially important on the first one or two to be able to feel at home.

Our leaders are all trained to make people welcome and to be considerate of the needs of everyone in the group.  


What are the different types of OutdoorLads events going to be like?

We know that new members in particular like to know in advance a bit more about what OutdoorLads events will be like. 

We have a wide range of events on offer, but people typically chose to start their Outdoorlads experience by going on a walking, cycling, climbing, bouldering or hosteling event, or turning up to one of many of our socials to find out more about OutdoorLads and our events. 

Follow the links here and you can find out more about what each of these types of event will be like, so you can decide which ones are right for you.

If you're still not sure, or would like more information, just get in touch with our office team and they will be happy to advise you.


My first OutdoorLads social event


My first OutdoorLads walking event


My first OutdoorLads bouldering event


My first OutdoorLads climbing event


My first OutdoorLads cycling event


My first OutdoorLads hostel event


My first OutdoorLads camping event


My first OutdoorLads wild camping event 

I have only been a member for a month, but my mental wellbeing and fitness have vastly improved and I have the confidence to try new things I never would have thought about trying before. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. I felt immediately at ease and was enjoying myself straight away.