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Get Involved

OutdoorLads is run mostly by a huge team of volunteers, with support provided by three members of paid staff. If you want to give something back to the charity, and help more of the gay, bi and trans community #GetOutMore, keep reading! 


There are almost 400 volunteer Leaders leading thousands of OutdoorLads events all over the UK. They’re what makes OutdoorLads work. We’re always looking to recruit more Leaders. Afterall, more Leaders means more events. More events means more of us can #GetOutMore! 

If you’ve been on a few events and feel inspired to lead your own, then check out the Become A Leader page for more info on what’s involved and how to apply. 

OutdoorLads Members in waterproof jackets in the rain

Regional Coordinators and Organisers 

Regional Coordinators oversee all events in their region, supported by their Regional Organisers, who have responsibilities for specific event types. They’re the backbone of OutdoorLads, and support their Leaders in organising their events and publishing their event pages. 

There are currently no Coordinator or Organiser vacancies.

You can see all Coordinators and Organisers on Meet The Team, where you can also view the regions that OutdoorLads uses. 

Regional Coordinators and Board Members


Trustees are the volunteers who lead charities and decide how they are run. Every charity in the UK is led by a team of Trustees. You can see the current Board of Trustees of OutdoorLads on the Meet The Team page. To find out more about being a Trustee of a charity yourself, check out this Gov.UK guide

There are currently no Trustee vacancies.

David, Jake, Dan, Joe and Rob


The Trustees are supported in running the charity by four subcommittees. They are: 


Focus: Delivering and developing OutdoorLads events 

  • Development (widening access/types of event) 
  • Operational elements of delivery (not already covered by the office) 

Recruitment is not open for this subcommittee at present, but please watch this space.


Focus: Ensuring and growing the income of OutdoorLads, managing risk, with the aim of ensuring OutdoorLads is here in the future 

  • Income/growth 
  • Risk and assurance 
  • Finance 
  • Environmental sustainability 

The Sustainability subcommittee are looking for people with experience in, or would be interested in getting involved with the below:

  • Shop/Merch Development 
  • Budget/sub-committee funding
  • Environment (People with a passion to improve OutdoorLads environment credentials). 
  • Data management 

If you're interested in getting invoved with this subcommittee, please apply here!


Focus: Supporting and developing Members and Leaders to get out more 

  • Recruitment and engagement 
  • Developing skills and leaders 
  • Member wellbeing   

Recruitment is not open for this subcommittee at present, but please watch this space.

Marketing and Communications 

Focus: Communicating the OutdoorLads message and reaching its membership 

  • Communications 
  • Website and tech 
  • Marketing (including Pride events) 

Recruitment is not open for this subcommittee at present, but please watch this space.

Subcommittee members


OutdoorLads employ three members of staff to support the charity’s operations. There are currently no staff vacancies. 

Dan, Yvonne and Liam