The BIG Clamber Fantastic: Lead Fall training session (11:00)

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BIG Clamber-Fantastic! Weekend 2019
Mar 03

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Increase your confidence on the wall by learning how to fall safely

This event is part of The Big Clamber-Fantastic! - our weekend celebrating indoor climbing and bouldering. To take part in this session, you’ll need to have signed yourself into the climbing centre as part of the main event. For more information on all the other exciting things that that we’ll have going on, why not check out the main event page!

You've been lead-climbing for a while but feel that your fear of falling is holding you back from progressing? This session might be just what you're looking for! Under the guidance of a professional climbing instructor you will be coached to develop your technique and body positioning and confidence to work up falling properly to get comfortable with safely falling, being caught by the rope and your harness by your belayer.

The instructor to climber ratio for this session will be 1:4

To take part in this session, you should be able to lead climb at 6a and be confident belayer.


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