Innerleithen MTB Bank Holiday Weekend (3 of 4)

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Aug 28

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Innerleithen is home to one of the  longest continuous single track descents in the UK. There are stunning view to be had over the surrounding countryside, but the fast, flowing track down the mountain is the real reward. There are significant drop offs and jumps on this red-graded route (it is possible to avoid them), and the optional black section will test veteran downhill riders (I will be giving it a miss).

At 19 km, this is not an especially long ride, but the ascent to the top is no walk in the park. Given the extreme nature of this ride it is only suitable for experienced mountain bikers on decent mountain bikes; I would recommend full suspension. A full face helmet and pads are highly recommended for anyone attempting any jumps or drops, and obligatory for anyone intending to do the black.

Below are the links to the four days of MTB at the Glentress forest. The plan is to have two full days Saturday/Sunday and half days on Friday and Monday as most will be travelling that day.

Please note this event is for experienced mountain bikers only

Friday afternoon ride - Glentress Red

Saturday - Glentress Black Trails

Sunday - Innerleithen

Monday morning - Glentress Blue

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