BSC2023: Quarry Karts (Sat PM)

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BIG Spring Camp 2023
May 27

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Better have your wits about you!

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This is one of the events organised as part of Big Spring Camp 2023.

Quarry Karts is the UK's only mountain cart experience! This is a gravity-fuelled adrenaline rush on a three-wheeled cart. Avoid the obstacles on your way down the 3km slate track! Think you can beat your first time? You'll have a second attempt to set a new PB! If you love go-karting, this takes it to the next level!

The unique carts have a low centre of gravity and a widewheel base, so they're super stable. And they have independent hydraulic disc brakes to allow you to slide and drift around corners.


DURATION PER RUN Approximately 5 mins per run



OBSTACLES Chicanes, banked corners, tunnels & more!


Weight: Maximum 130kg

Height: Minimum 1.2m

If you have any medical conditions, please see check here to ensure you're eligible to attend this event. You can contact prior to attending if you have any concerns.


Treat yourself

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Photos provided by and used with permission from Zip World.