BSC2023: Fforest Coaster & Skyride (Sat AM)

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BIG Spring Camp 2023
May 27

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This is one of the events organised as part of Big Spring Camp 2023.

Fancy a rollercoaster through the treetops, followed by an exhilarating ride on Europe's highest giant swing? This is for you!

The Fforest Coaster

One kilometer of gravity driven twists, turns and thrills through the Fforest wonderland. The Coaster is a twisting barrel of laughs through the trees!

HOW FAR? 365m up & 710m down

HOW FAST? Up to 25mph

HOW STEEP? Max 25% gradient

HOW MANY? 3 rides

DURATION? Approximately 6 mins per run


The Giant Swing

Skyride 2 is Europe's largest giant swing, set in a stunning location overlooking the Conwy Valley. You'll take turns, 5 at a time, to be winched back to a near-vertical position. One of you brave souls will have responsibility of pulling the release string and sending you all hurtling back towards the ground, before rising up and out towards the valley beyond. Completely gravity driven, you'll experience an incredible sense of speed and weightlessness.

HOW MANY? up to 5 people


DURATION? 15 minutes



Weight: Max. 130kg

Height: Min. 1.2m

If you have any medical conditions, please see check here to ensure you're eligible to attend this event. You can contact prior to attending if you have any concerns.


Treat yourself

You will be back at the campsite around 12pm. If you want something to do in the afternoon, check out Gorge ScramblingQuarry Karts or Velocity 2!


Photos provided by and used with permission from Zip World.