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My first social event

Social events are an easy way to meet some regular OutdoorLads without any obligation as you can stay as long as you want 


Where are socials held?

They are typically held in pub where, over a drink or two, you can meet and chat to existing members, event leaders and other people who've also come along to find out more about the group.

That way you can decide if OutdoorLads is of interest to you without having to commit to an event that might last a few hours, a whole day or even a whole weekend. 

You can drop in anytime and stay as long as you like.


Arriving at the social

The organiser will usually be wearing a red OutdoorLads t-shirt so they are easy to spot when you arrive, but if it is your first time and you're nervous about walking into a group you don't know, then you could also send a message to the leader before the event to tell them you are coming and ask them to look out for you and welcome you to the group.

Even if you don't do that, when you arrive let the leader know that it is your first event, as they will be happy to chat with you and introduce you to other people.

If you are interested in finding out about a particular activity, you are likely to find people who have been on that kind of event, or maybe even lead such events, and they will be able to tell you more about what to expect and what it's like.

OutdoorLads is very friendly and welcoming but we know that it can be daunting to walk into a bar full of people you don't know.

Don't worry - everyone in Outdoorlads remembers their first time and we all go to a lot of effort to make new people feel welcome.


What are other types of OutdoorLads events like?

Find out about other types of events and what to expect if you are going on them for the first time.


More questions?

If there's still something you're not sure about related to attending your first bouldering event or any aspect of OutdoorLads, please do contact us.