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Apr 01

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Watching a movie

Watching Edie together and chatting during and after the movie. The movie is available on Netflix or for rent and purchase on other platforms ( ).


Edie - Click here for the trailer

Following the death of her husband, Edie (Sheila Hancock) breaks free from years of his control and rebels against her daughter's wish for her to move into assisted living by embarking on an adventure she and her father had always longed for: a trip to the Scottish Highlands to climb the world famous Mt. Suilven. Along the way, she hires young camping shop owner Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) to be her guide. Despite the generational differences, Jonny encourages Edie to fulfill her dream.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes


With Netflix and Chrome browser

Please install NetflixParty (link) as an extension to your Chrome browser. Before the start of the watch party I will send a link and instructions on how to use it. This will help us watch the movie in sync and we will have a chat to the side of the movie to comment on it. For the 'after-movie' chat, please read below.


Without Netflix or Chrome & after-movie chat

We will have a separate chat also going for those that have the movie by other means or watch on Netflix but don't have Chrome or don't want to join the 'party'. We will also continue chatting about the movie on this separate chat as it finishes. I will confirm the media for this, although it will likely be Discord (no installation required, no registration either).



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