Oxford Pride Weekend - Friday Night Social

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Jun 02

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Its a social kinda night 😀

Join us the evening before Oxford celebrates its 20th Anniversary Pride!

To help Oxford celebrate this amazing milestone OutdoorLads is one of the Anniversary Supporters.  We are laying on a number of events to help Oxford celebrate!  If you've not been before or just want to come back Oxford is beautiful city and easily accessible so why not make a mini break of it 😀

The venue will have entertainment throughout the evening and if its a warm night we will make the most of the outdoor space.  Look out for the leader in their ODL t-shirt when you arrive.

Fancy a weekend break?

We are arranging a few events to help celebrate this anniversary Oxford Pride:

Pride Parade

Market Stall

Sunday History/City Walk

Below are links to some accommodation options, although feel free to book anywhere:

Travel Lodge:  Travel Lodge

Easy Hotel: Easy Hotel

Camping: Valley Farm Campsite


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