Dog at Wasdale

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Feb 22

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It's just a dog!

If you're attending the Winter at Wasdale hostel event you have the option to bring a dog. 

This is one of the YHA properties where a small number of dogs (three in this case) are permitted. We are able to offer space for up to three dogs on this event for an extra charge of £40.00 per dog.

There will be a dedicated space for dogs and dog owners to sleep, and dogs will not be allowed in the majority of bedrooms or in the kitchen area.

It goes without saying that any dog will be entirely your responsibility. Other participants may not be as accustomed to dogs as you are, so please ensure your dog is not annoying anyone. If your dog is behaving unreasonably and causing persistent annoyance to other members or dogs, then you may both be required to leave the event.

So, with all that said, if you would like to bring your dog, please book a place here.


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