BSC2023: Yoga (Sun 13:00)

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BIG Spring Camp 2023
May 28

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This is one of the events organised as part of Big Spring Camp 2023.


Fancy dipping your toe into the world of yoga? Or maybe ur a pro?

Join me for 75 minute Yin Yang Class.

The first half of the class with be dynamic active (YANG, THE SUN) part.
Working OUR way through spiritual warrior to peak standing posture’s.
There will be option for all abilities 
i.e. this is the part where you sweat out all the Saturday nights beer. 

The second half of the class will be bringing it down to rest and restore (YIN, THE MOON)
We will be holding poses for longer, releasing deeper into tissues.
As a yoga guru once said ‘we hold our issues in our tissues' 
I will also take this time to a glimpse into the wonderful world of yoga philosophy.
I.e. this is the part where we all let go of those challenging time we have all been thought, with lockdown and beyond.



  1. Any exercise matt if you have one (I can supply some once we get numbers)
  2. Some water to sip 
  3. Comfortable clothing (gym attire is good)
  4. A large towel that can be rolled up
  5. If you sweat profusely like me, even in the queue at Aldi, you may want a small towel.
  6. Most importantly, and open mind, and open heart.

Can’t wait to see you all. 


'the light inside me, see the light inside you'


Image with text provided by event leader Tom.

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