BSC2023: Welsh Mountain Zoo (Sat 12:30)

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BIG Spring Camp 2023
May 27

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A leisurely trip to the zoo.

This is one of the events organised as part of BIG Spring Camp 2023.

In a first for BIG Spring Camp we've an afternoon trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Perfect if you've taken part in the morning park run, saving your energy for the Saturday evening party or fancy doing something different.

We'll organise car shares after registration at 12:30 then head over to the zoo before meeting just outside the entrance. Once we're in and seen the first section of animals, we can meet for lunch where the catering units are based. After hopefully seeing the rest of the animals there's a sea lion training and feeding show at 15:25 with the plan to head back to Spring Camp afterwards for those that want to so people can take part in the late afternoon activities or have a disco nap before the Saturday party. 


Tickets are available to buy in advance from £16.56 or there's the option to add a donation at

There's always the option to pay on arrival if that's preferable. 

For more information on the zoo visit

There's a Telegram group for this event and general chat, just follow the link to join

All photos from Unsplash, free to use under the Unsplash Licence. Photos represent some of the animals living at Welsh Mountain Zoo.


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