BSC2022: Beach Party! (Thu PM)

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BIG Spring Camp 2022
Jun 02

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This is one of the events organised as part of Big Spring Camp 2022.

Come on in, the waters lovely.

Sashay along in your sarong, go hyper in your Hawaiian shirts, brave it in your budgie smugglers or stride out in your surf suit. There's a beach* party happening tonight.

There'll be beach games, music and laughter. And we're going to invite you along to join the biggest ever OutdoorLads first night buffet. You know the drill on that by now (hopefully!), but bear in mind, we don't have cooking facilities when deciding what to contribute. Pina coladas optional.

For those not in the know, the OutdoorLads 'first night buffet' is an OutdoorLads Hostel tradition, with the first night's dinner being whatever each guest contributes. Please only bring enough to feed 1-2 people - there won't be anywhere to keep food fresh, and we don't want to chuck stuff in the bin!

*Actual beach not included.


Main photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash

Drone shot kindly provided with permission for use by an OutdoorLads Member.

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