BIG Peaky Weekender 2022 (Teepee Upgrade)

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BIG Peaky Weekender 2022
Jul 29

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2021's BIG Event at this venue was such a success, we had to come back!

There are three accommodation options for this event:

The teepees can fit up to 3 people (4 at a push). Book one by signing up and paying the £20 Teepee Upgrade on this event page. 

You can then invite your friends to share the teepee with you if you wish - up to a maximum 4 people per teepee. 

All those staying in the teepee will need to have booked and paid for a camping space, but only one person in the group needs to book the teepee. 

You don't need to tell us until you arrive who is staying with you in your teepee - tell us on arrival at reception. You can of course choose to have the teepee just for yourself if you wish! 

Images: Aerial shots kindly supplied by and used with permission from Will Allaway. TeePee photos generously supplied by Thornbridge Outdoors. Other photos taken by and used with permission from OutdoorLads Members.

IMPORTANT! - Participation Statement

You MUST complete a Participation Statement in addition to booking your event space before attending an OutdoorLads event. You only need to complete this Participation Statement once, not for each event you attend. 

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, even if they are extremely mild, or who has recently tested positive for Covid-19, is asked not to attend.



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