BIG Halloween 2019: Shoot the (clay) pigeon! (morning)

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Big Halloween 2019
Oct 26

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Something very different for BIG Halloween this year - clay pigeon shooting! We're very excited to add clay pigeon shooting to our programme of events, and we think this is going to be so much fun! 

This event takes place off-site, and is just a short 15 minute drive away on a farm (we'll arrange for people to lift share). Once on the farm you'll be met by your instructor who will split you into smaller groups and provide the tuition you need to get the hang of it - with all equipment, including ear protection, provided. You'll spend around ninety minutes learning to shoot and will have 25 clays to practice on. This is a great, fun activity and very sociable, and there can't be many gay-owned clay pigeon shoots in the north west, so we're really pleased to have found them!

Teas and coffees are free on site, they also have a range of refreshments available, including pies. 

We'll meet at 10:30 in the Courtyard, ready to arrive at the shoot at 11am. You should be back on site in Borwick in time for any afternoon activities you'd like to take part in. 


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