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Leaders High Level Scrambling Course

Submitted by Harry on Tue, 03/07/2018 - 12:19

Well done and a massive thank you to four of our fantastic leaders, Bryan, Simon, Tom and Wilco, who successfully completed a high level scrambling course last weekend in the Welsh mountains. We hope that this training will further equip our leaders to lead more of the outstanding events that they are known for, and possibly even a few new ones!

Reflecting on the weekend, Bryan writes: "Without doubt, we were each very grateful for the chance to do the was phenomenal! We are all way more capable when it comes to protecting people on scrambles, and also that we have a way of getting the more sport oriented climbers out moving on proper rock, literally mountaineering!"

Simon says: " It was an absolutely fantastic weekend and I certainly appreciate how lucky I was to have been given the chance to have so much fun thanks to OutdoorLads!

But as well as spending the weekend grinning from ear-to-ear while balancing on rocky ledges hundreds of feet up in the air, under the bluest skies I’ve ever seen in North-Wales, it was hugely informative too! Who knew you don't have to be perpetually tied to a rock so far above the ground? Not only did it reinforce some of my climbing skills, but it really made me appreciate the different grades of scrambling and encouraged all of us all to think about what would be a realistic grade to lead ODL members on and how that could be pushed for those with a some comfort and confidence in a bit of rope.

I think we’ve all come away with a thirst for more and a resolve to GetOutMore, albeit on our own initially to hone our new found skills, but also to reccy some hopefully more challenging scrambles that we can run as events in the future!"

We'd like to thank all four leaders once more for taking the time to enhance their skills as Outdoorlads volunteers.

If you are a leader and think you and our members could benefit from any training, please do write to us at and we will be more than happy to discuss it further. 



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