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Board Recruitment Update

Submitted by danbyrnes on

At the recent AGM following the resignation of a number of Trustees, a short-term, interim Board were elected with a mandate to recruit a new permanent Board.

To help define the make up of the new Board, the interim Board have been busy consulting past Trustees, Regional Co-ordinators, staff and Sub-Committees as well as looking at guidance from relevant bodies and examples of other Charities in similar fields.

The document below is from the Charities Governance Code for Small Charities and describes what our Board should do.

The Essential Trustee

But if you would like to contribute to the consultation please click on the question below. 
We are asking the simple question:

What single thing do you want from the OutdoorLads Board of the future?

We are keen to get the new Board in place quickly so they can get on with supporting Members and Leaders, so please reply by 4pm on Monday 9th October.