❄️Winter Hope Valley❄️ - Walk 2 The Great Ridge


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Second day of 2 day walks starting from YHA Edale in the Hope Valley.  The Great Ridge sits on the Dark Peak - White Peak border and makes for a superb half day walk. This walk climbs up from Edale then embraces the full 4 mile long ridge before descending again. As would be expected from such a walk the views are stunning throughout.

Should you wish to stay over, the leader (Mrdabb) Dan is booked into the YHA Edale on Friday and Saturday nights. If anyone wants to join me, use the ODL or your YHA member discount and book yourself in too. (At time of writing, beds are £15-£25) but with discount will be cheaper.

The YHA have just put a new offer on with 25% off in January-March so if you are staying and haven't booked I'd use this code NY2018-001.