Winter Fun in Beautiful Town of Lewes, East Sussex with Treasure Trail

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Winter fun in Beautiful town of Lewes, East Sussex with Treasure Trail

Great for beginners, back for 2018. Join us on the 1st of this year's social treasure trails - a great way to explore a picturesque town or piece of coast.

In teams, solve the clues to find the treasure whilst a great way to explore the area. Teams allocated on arrival at Lewes.

Entry fee of £2 per person to cover cost of the prizes payable on the day.

Why not explore Lewes on this self-guided Treasure Hunt themed Treasure Trail? As you follow the Trail route, can you solve the sneaky clues set on existing buildings, permanent features and monuments to discover the location of the buried treasure?

The Trail takes you around this famous historical town which lies on the Greenwich Meridian Line. Highlights of the route include Priory Park and its ruins, Anne of Cleves' House and museum and Southover Gardens, before you head up past Lewes Castle to views of a historic battle site.

After the trail is complete there is time for lunch in a nearby pub.

Once everyone has returned and you have all eaten, the winner will be announced with a little team prize then why not explore the town more maybe before returning home.

Lewes Priory
Lewes Priory


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