Way Of The Roses: Morecambe To Bridlington Cycle

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Apr 26

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Following in the footsteps of the war of the roses, our cycle trip takes us from Morecambe in Lancashire on the Irish Sea coast to Bridlington in Yorkshire on the North Sea coast. The war of the roses was a number of wars fought in the 15th century amongst royal houses in a battle for the English throne. The red rose symbolises Lancashire and the white rose, Yorkshire.

Our journey starts in Morecambe, home to the UK's largest tidal estuary, Morecambe Bay. It is famous for quicksands, seabird wildlife, potted shrimps and boasts some of the best sunsets in the world. From there we travel through the Yorkshire Dales taking in some stunning scenery and beautiful towns including Settle, Malham, Ripon and York. We end our trip in Bridlington.

The cost of this trip includes three nights accommodation, but no food or drink.

Friday evening: We'll congregate in Morecambe from late afternoon until late evening. Please don't feel in a rush to arrive if you're travelling from further afield.
Accomodation: Morecambe Travelodge

Morecambe to Malham, (approx. 42 miles)
Accomodation: Malham Youth Hostel

Malham to York  (approx. 68 miles)
Accomodation: York Youth Hostel

York to Bridlington (approx. 60 miles)



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