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May 06

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With so many of us know working from home, or even just isolating at home, it can get a little lonely...

So each weekday from 12.30 why not join us on zoom for a virtual lunch break.

Just pop in and say Hi, or stay and chat, its a chance to stay in touch and break up the day.

Link for joining is in 'Location' section below, which you must be logged in to see.

Feel free to sign up to attend or not (most people don't) and we'll always great you with a cheery hello!



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While you're here...

We're painfully aware that people are struggling at the moment, so for those that can't #GetOutMore, we don't want to charge you to #StayInMore.

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We want to make sure OutdoorLads is here in the future to get more gay, bi and trans guys in to the great outdoors.

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Virtual Lunch 21-04-20
Stay In More
Virtual Lunch 21-04-20