The Villages of High Leicestershire Day Walk


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10 miles (16km)

A relatively easy walk through the countryside and villages of “High Leicestershire”, along sections of the Leicestershire Round, taking in the remains of an iron-age hill fort on Burrough Hill, with a pub lunch.

Starting off from the village of Twyford, the walk takes us first under the John O’Gaunt Viaduct, on the old Great Northern and London & North Western Joint Railway, with its impressive arches rising to a height of 18m (60ft). After a nosy around the viaduct, we head onto Owston and then Somerby, where we’ll stop for a pub lunch at the Stilton Cheese Inn.  

After lunch, we climb 210m (690ft) to the well-preserved early iron age hill fort on Burrough Hill, from where we’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the Leicestershire countryside.

Leaving the hill fort, we head back to Twyford through the quaint village of Burrough-on-the-Hill, where we may stop for a cheeky local ale at Grant's Free House, time permitting.


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