A Vigorous Venture in Zummerset

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Lowland and Hill Walks
Jun 01

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18.5km in distance with both ascents and descents some being particularly steep. Our highest ascent in a couple of areas will be 565m, so unquestionably you need to be relatively fit to undertake this walk.

Join us for yet another invigorating hike through the picturesque landscapes of West Somerset and the fringes of the Quantock Hills. Our journey begins from the shadow of St Mary the Virgin Church, leading us through the charming village of Kingston St. Mary before ascending to our first footpath of the day. As we trek along a B Road, then traversing open farmland towards Tetton Park, where we'll be treated to stunning views and the historic allure of a 150 year mansion owned by Johnny Depp, which is sat nestled in a 850 acre estate.

Moving forward, our path winds through trails and quiet lanes, culminating in a challenging ascent up Ball Lane to reach the summit of Cothelstone Hill. From this vantage point, breathtaking panoramic views await, rewarding our efforts on clear days with a spectacle of nature's splendour.

Descending steeply through picturesque woodlands, we'll make our way to another ascent up to Lydeard Hill on the Quantock Hills. Our route then includes a steep descent down a long gully to the village of West Bagborough, which if wet will be muddy, where thereafter we'll join the West Deane Way. We’ll proceed meandering through open farmland and quiet lanes skirting the charming villages of Cothelstone, Toulton, Cushuish, and Yarford before returning back to Kingston St Mary.

BEWARE: With approximately 11.5 miles of varied terrain, including both steep ascents and descents, so this walk has been designated as 'difficult.' Participants should be reasonably fit so to be fully prepared for a challenging yet rewarding adventure. Please note that sections of our route will require us to adopt a brisk pace when the walking surfaces permit, so this walk would be unsuitable for those who are more ‘leisurely walkers’. 

DOGS: Well-trained and quiet dogs are more than welcome to join us, provided they remain under control as we traverse moorland, woodland, tracks, and quiet lanes. Please be mindful that we may encounter free-roaming sheep, horses, squirrels, and deer along the way. Authorities have placed signage in certain areas, clearly indicating where dogs must be leashed.

If, unfortunately, your dog becomes uncontrolled and causes distress to other animals or livestock, the walk leader, supported by the Outdoor Lads board of trustees, reserves the right to ask you to leave the event. Such behavior is not acceptable.

Kindly adhere to the Countryside Code at all times, ensuring that your dog is under effective control. (Keeping Dogs Under Effective Control)

A heads-up: There will be numerous stiles and gates to navigate, which may necessitate lifting your dog over. Please consider this if you're bringing a canine companion.


Don't waste that space: Summer walks mean lots of new and existing members excited to be getting out more. Please only book if you know you can make it. Should your plans change please free up the space immediately for someone else who could attend.


NEW MEMBERS:  Please feel free to join this as your first Outdoor Lads event. If you have any questions, then feel free to message me or go to the "My First Event" section under "About Us". 

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Photo Credits: All photos featured in this walk were captured by the walk leader, with permission granted for use by ODL.

Note: The accompanying pictures were taken on a sunny spring day in late March. Please use your imagination to envision the scenery in summer.