Total Body Workout - Starter Session

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Jan 18

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Hello everyone :) 
This is a total body workout, similar to circuit classes that you would find in gyms. It's body-weight.

Intensity: Medium
Impact: Low/None
Equipment: Mat 
A full body workout  to kick start your week, focusing on endurance and aerobics. Mostly standing.  Ideal for beginners. Wearing trainers are recommended.

Who is it for? 
The workouts are medium intensity. If you are a beginner there are lots of options for everyone. If you are already a gym-goer and if you want to make it "harder" then there are some options for that too or you could join my Thursday Challenger sessions. If you are unsure, try the Starter session first. 

What do I need?
Just your body and your determination. I would recommend wearing trainers and using a mat if you have it. If you have light dumbells, you can always keep them handy if you want to work harder but they're optional. (A couple of food cans can also do the trick). Keep a water bottle and a towel nearby too. Ideally you need some space around you. 3mx3m is ideal but mat space is sufficient. 

What kind of stuff will we be doing?
Some familiars (inchworms, planks, burpees (I know!)), squats, some borrowed from yoga (downwarddog, cobra) and maybe some less familiars (the dancing bear and the dancing crab)

Please do not attempt this workout if you have any medical conditions that affect your ability to take part in exercise without consulting your doctor first.

Do not attempt anything beyond your capabilities.

If you experience any discomfort or pain, please stop. Please be aware of your footing and make sure that you have enough space around you.

Please note that you accept all risks associated with starting and following this routine.

These sessions are offered via my studio ( and are free. 

You must fill in this Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before you can join the session. 

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