Taff Trail walk part 1 - Pontypridd to Cardiff

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Mar 23

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Moderate, all on footpaths. 19km. Mud possible.

Join Outdoor Lads for a fantastic Saturday walk from Pontypridd along the Taff Trail to Cardiff.

The walk will start at Pontypridd Railway Station and finish in the City Centre of Cardiff.

This walk is designed for those without a car and the start and finish is a railway station with plentiful access from other areas. There's also parking at both stations if anyone is driving. 

We will meet at the front of Pontypridd Railway Station at 11.10am and finish around 3:30/4pm depending on our speed in Cardiff City Centre. We will stop for lunch on the route.

The railway station is around half an hour north of Cardiff and frequent trains throughout the monring. A day singe costs £5.20

The route is around 12miles/19km the first and last bits are in an urban area and the bulk of the rest of the walk is on a purpose built path/track although mud will almost be guaranteed.

For more info on the route see here (our route will take a slightly shorter route as we will not be going via Castell Coch and again a slightly shorter route towards the end)

There is a second part to this route (Merthyr to Pontypridd) in May There is no obligation to do both parts.

There is also a social in Cardiff on the evening of the walk.

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