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Mar 29

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Join us and other invited members of the LGBT cycling community on an indoor, virtual group ride from Port de Pollenca to Cap de Formentor in Mallorca on RGT Cycling. We will be able to see each other in the virtual world and will set up the facility for us to chat during the ride. 

To join the group ride, follow this link and sign up nowsee here for a review of the course 

What you will need

  1. A smart trainer. This is a specialist device that allows your bike to talk to your computer, tablet, etc and provides resistance to your back wheel according to the virtual gradient. This event is designed for those that already have a smart trainer, as most of the popular ones are currently out of stock due to the outdoor cycling bans in Italy, France and Spain - sorry about that. 

  2. A PC, laptop or tablet positioned in front of your trainer

  3. The RGT cycling apps for Windows, iOs and/or Android installed, and an account set up: (or through your app store). Accounts are currently free during COVID-19. You just need to send a blank email to from the account you used to register, that will unlock the premium features after about 24 hours. See here

To talk to each other, join the conference call here. This uses Microsoft teams. We strongly suggest mounting your phone on your bike or placing it to hand, you can then use it to run the RGT app and Teams, you won't need to touch the PC or tablet then. 

We strongly suggest setting up your trainer and getting RGT cycling apps working with the trainer a couple of days before the ride is due to start. If it doesn't work don't fear we'll organise another! 

If you have any questions, please message the leader or join the conversation on Facebook. This will be a joint event with other groups including Pride Out Manchester. 

In game image used with permission from RGT Cycling


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