stayinmore 2021-22 winter programme

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Creative ideas needed

A chance to put our heads and diaries together to plan some member support over the winter.

I'm imagining that so long as another lockdown doesn't happen, the demand for virtual events will likely be less, however I think we learned that stayinmore was a valuable support to some and may well continue to be.

My thoughts are to try and have a virtual event each week, perhaps on Sunday evening but really whenever a leader/member has time to volunteer, such is ever our way.

We may ask for a voluntary donation, but cannot charge officially because this incurrs VAT issues.

If you can't make the meeting but want to talk to our coordinators, you can contact me on 07803314426 or email


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Stay In More
Virtual Lunch 21-04-20
Stay In More
Virtual Lunch 21-04-20


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