Sheffield LBGTQIA+ Climbing night - beginners welcome!

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Indoor Climbing
Jun 12

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Suitable for all abilities and beginners are welcome!

Join us for the Sheffield LBGTQ+ climbing night, starting with a social meet-up followed by some climbing. This will be an informal event, with team member(s) of the climbing centre there to offer advice and some supervision. The cost is the standard entry fee to the centre. Informal tuition will also be able from OutdoorLads, but this is dependent on numbers.

Anyone can join the event, but please do sign up here so we can pass numbers on to the climbing centre.

So.... a bit about climbing and the centre..

Climbing is a total body workout. It is not just about strength, but requires balance, problem solving and planning. Climbing routes are like puzzles that might need some breaking down, planning or practice. Indoor climbing centres offer the challenges of climbing that you'll find on natural rock crags - simply indoors! It's a fun way to stay fit, make new friends and develop your climbing skills.  

Awesome Walls Sheffield was the first climbing centre to be awarded ‘National Performance Centre’ status by the British Mountaineering Council. They provide the biggest climbing walls encompassing the widest variety of angles and styles of climbs. With grades for all abilities any climber will enjoy the routes here. It is also a great place to start climbing, so if you want to take the step into the world of climbing this is the place to try it.

To come along, please book on to this event and also register with Awesome Walls Sheffield if you have not done so before ( Please choose the 'mixed use' form. You can pay at the centre on arrival or online beforehand. If you pay in person at the centre a small discount is available if you mention you're with ODL.  

I'm new to Climbing - can I come along?   Yes! Beginners are very welcome. If you've never climbed before, just let us know by messaging the event leader or co-leader, so we can arrange for you to be signed into the climbing centre as a supervised climber so that you can come and give it a try. If you enjoy your climbing experience, and would like to come climbing more regularly, we will also happily show you the ropes and teach you everything you need to know to climb safely. Please note that we are limited by the climbing centre as to the number of novice climbers we can supervise, according to the number of experienced people / staff available at the event.  

Do I have to be Supervised as a Climber? If you can answer YES to all these questions, you can climb without supervision:

  1. Can you fit a climbing harness correctly?
  2. Can you tie in to a rope using the correct knots?
  3. Can you belay another climber correctly and confidently?

What other Climbing events do OutdoorLads Run?   We run regular indoor climbing and bouldering events across the UK. We are always keen to put more on, so if you fancy climbing in your local area contact a climbing leader and we can see what we can arrange. 

Photos : Copyright granted to OutdoorLads by Keith

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