Scrambling Fife's coast - East Wemyss to Burntisland

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Aug 17

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Coastal walk, 20km (12mi) in distance

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It's may seem a bit random to have the first day as the 'last' stretch, but this is due to tidal sections on the 24th and 25th where we will need to cross at low tide.

Join me as I walk sections of Fife's coastal path. Normally walked south-to-north, we'll go the other way for a change. I have never been in the area (nor pre-walked the path) so we'll get to discover it together. It's summer, so let's hope for warmth and sun, make the most of the longer days and do feel free to pack swimwear!

You can see the route here: link

Here's some information on the walk I found while researching: the path is waymarked and should be an easy going mix of pavements and roads, with walkways by the seawalls. We will pass many interesting points, including the sandstone ruins of Seafield Tower, Ravenscraig Castle, and more and of course sandy beaches and harbours.

As standard, I'll send an email before the event with weather updates and lunch options, depending how many we are, although for now please allow for a packed lunch. I have allowed 8 hours for the walk but this is quite conservative, so it's very likely we will finish ahead of time.

In the previous stretch of the coastal path, which I won’t have time to walk, there are some interesting caves. I am planning to reach these early in the morning before the main walk. If interested, please message me. I am planning to go at 930 from East Wemyss to the caves so as to have over an hour before the official meeting time. Have a look below for an idea of transport time for this.


On public transport, if using a train to get to Kirkcaldy you could then use buses 7/7A/X58 to get East Wemyss. Buses are frequent and take about half an hour. You can get to Kirkcaldy from Glasgow with the 9.00 train (Glasgow-Haymarket-Kirkcaldy) and from Edinburgh with the 9.40. You will need earlier trains to join for the caves (07:45 from Glasgow, 08:33 from Edinburgh).

On the way back, there are trains from Burntisland.

For those travelling by car to East Wemyss, bus line 7 will go back there from Burntisland. You could also park in Burntisland in the morning and take the bus from there to East Wemyss before the walk.

Note that all the above timings are from quick searches, please check your own travel plans, including parking options if you plan to drive, and don't rely on these timings! If you spot something wrong, let me know so I can correct it here.

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