Saturday Night Music Quiz Halloween Special

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Oct 31

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It'd be boring if it was too easy!

Scarier than Madonna's latest's the Saturday Night Music Quiz Halloween Special!

It's Halloween so be prepared for some vaguely spooky-related tunes (with a twist). Costumes are very fact there'll be extra points if you do dress up. (But don't feel you have to)

The quiz a great way to have a laugh on a Saturday night, test your music knowledge and chat to a fun bunch of people. Plus there's usually a drunken post-quiz chat until the early hours.

Essentially I play a few songs and you have to guess the title and artist of each just from the intro, as well as the (sometimes tenuous) connection between each song. Some rounds are harder than others! 

All you need is something to write your answers down on and ideally a beverage or two. I'll be hosting it on Zoom.  Link below.

See you there!

Halloween music quiz
Halloween music quiz