Saturday Night Music Quiz

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It'd be boring if it was too easy!

Well here we are again in lockdown!  So my ODL Saturday Night Music Quiz is here once more to brighten up your Saturday nights until we can all go out and play again.

This a great way to have a laugh on a Saturday night, test your music knowledge and chat to a fun bunch of people. Plus there's usually a drunken post-quiz chat until the early hours.

Essentially I play a few songs and you have to guess the title and artist of each just from the intro, as well as the (sometimes tenuous) connection between each song. Some rounds are harder than others! You don’t need to be a serious music buff and I try and include all sorts to keep everyone happy. 

Each week we have a special round where people submit songs on a particular theme. This time for a bit of fun it's your FAVOURITE TV THEME TUNE. It could be something that brings up happy memories, or is just brilliant. Send me your suggestion and I'll play out the best/worst.

All you need is something to write your answers down on and ideally a beverage or two. I'll be hosting it on Zoom.  Link below.

See you there!

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Saturday night music quiz
Saturday night music quiz