Salisbury Plain: Along the Edge of Wessex

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10 miles and 1700' of height gain5-6 hours

Salisbury Plain is one of the largest tracts of undeveloped land in the south, and in total equates to the size of the Isle of Wight. Although much is off limits for military training purposes, it is possible to follow the periphery where the big sky views, and wildlife are at their best. From our starting point near the village of Great Cheverell our linear route will work its way up onto The Plain, and from there walk westwards along the perimeter taking in some glorious view from the escarpment towards the Avon Valley, Mendips and in the very distance, Wales and the Costwolds. 
We will see the dips and folds of the glaciated contours and half way along make a detour down to the village of Bratton for a refreshing drink at the Village Pub, whilst passing by little alleys and quaint cottages. The second part of the walk takes us back up and then turns gently towards the Westbury White Horse Hill Carving, before finally heading back down back to the starting point.
Photos: Copyright Andy Martin


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