Rock Climbing Leader Training in Snowdonia

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Sep 14

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2-days outdoor climbing

This event is a two full day course for OutdoorLads members who have a strong interest in outdoor rock climbing and want to lead others on a voluntary basis in the near future. Before signing up you should have a logbook containing ten outdoor rock climbs that you have led as a minimum. Please also apply to become an OutdoorLads outdoor climbing leader. (If you wanted to come and but don't meet these criteria, there will be a £100 charge for the training alone - please make contact the leader if this is the case, and OutdoorLads will invoice you.) 

It is a great way to gain the skills needed to become an outdoor rock climbing leader. It can be used as a event assessment for those ready to become rock climbing leaders as Nick Read will be able to asses you during the course. 

Outdoor rock climbing leaders should be competent in the following key areas, all of which will be covered, to a greater or lesser extent, during the training course.

  • Technical Competence (including equipment, anchors, belaying, personal skills, abseiling, background knowledge)
  • Management and Decision Making (including planning, organising, managing others, managing participants, knowledge and demonstration of techniques)
  • Teaching Skills
  • The Climbing Environment (including access, conservation, etiquette and ethics)

Please register your interest by signing on and contacting the event leader. Please only sign onto this event if you meet the requirements and are available for the event. 

Accommodation is not included on this two full day course, there are plenty of campsites close to Llanberis. 

Photos: Taken by Nick Read and used by OutdoorLads with full permission. 

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