Ridgeway weekend day 2 only

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May 14

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This is relatively flat , slightly longer hike of 30km approx

This is a LINEAR day walk which is day 2 of the weekend 3 day event.

Only sign up on this page if you only intend to come for the walk on this day and don't wish to camp overnight.

This is the second section of the ridgeway from Ogbourne st.George and ending shortly after letcombe regis. THERE ARE VARIOUS MULTI OPTIONAL END POINTS DEPENDING ON PARTICIPANT PREFERENCES. I will adapt to each persons need 👍

The Route:


This is the longest of our 3 ridgeway walks, however it is steeped with historical interest from the Cave men that burrowed here up to the present day where gays are roaming freely around the countryside.

So join us and you will be walking the footsteps of medieval men, Saxons and Vikings not to mention the Romans themselves. Who knows what you find or spot, a bronze age spearhead or even a forgetful roman centurions helmet having been left behind when they rested for tea and a biscuit.


The ridgeway is one of the oldest routes in England dating back before the doomsday book. It crosses the beacons, which would have been used as an early way of sending signals to far towns and villages at times of invasion and more recently to signal royal anniversaries.


It is thought that this section is where a young st.George first caught a glimpse of the dragon, he would later be known for slaying, as it flew overhead on its way to wales.(It may be prudent to say it is mainly me that thinks this.


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