Pride in London - Parade 2018

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Jul 07

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Walking through central London in the Pride Parade

UPDATE: Picnic before the Parade!!

Our position in the parade has been confirmed - we have a later start time than last year (meaning you can have a lie in) - so we've decided to have a picnic before we move into the Parade area; both the start time and meeting point have been changed to refect this. 


Pride in London is the biggest pride in the UK and one of the largest LGBT events in the world!  Last year over a million people attended this amazing day of celebration and, as always, OutdoorLads will be right in the thick of things in 2018.

Whether you like hiking, hostelling, kayaking, camping or climbing, grab your red t shirt and march through the streets of London with your OutdoorLads mates, to show your pride in being a part of this amazing organisation. 

Pride is a brilliant day out and marching in front of the crowds past the big London sights is a real high.  It’s also really sociable and the biggest party you’ll ever go to!  This is an important way to spread the OutdoorLads message to new lads as well, and to show the world what OutdoorLads is and the kind of guys we are!

Last year over 100 OutdoorLads took part - come and help us make the parade a sea of red t'shirts

If you are not able to make the parade why not cheer us on from the roadside, and join us for a drink afterwards.

OutdoorLads ODL London Pride Parade
OutdoorLads ODL London Pride Parade


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