Over to Scugdale, a North Yorkshire Hike

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May 31

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22km, 13.7mile mostly on wider tracks and quiet lanes, two short steeper ascents

Join Steven and a group of OutdoorLads for a spring walk on the edge of the North York Moors.  

This is a similar to the walk in the first bank holiday weekend of the month but a little longer taking in some historic ruins, visiting an old chapel in the woods and setting off from a different start point.

The longer circular is through varied landscapes, by streams and in woodland, over moorland and along quiet lanes with several far reaching views across North Yorkshire and County Durham and visits three pretty villages along the way,

The group will start the walk along a lane high on the moors with  a steep sided valley close by and the higher Hambleton Hills rising up to the south. On a clear day the view will stretch far ahead to the north and northwest. The level track through forest gives access to a reservoir and the shoreline is followed to a stream and a popular picnic spot.

The next section is initially on a quieter tarmac lane that eventually brings the group to a gap in the hills where the chosen route coincides the Cleveland Way long distance path, this particular stretch is a pleasant trail through native woodland and down to a beck, before again ascending through a plantation and over fields to arrive at the first pretty Yorkshire village.  A gradual rise over field leads to a pleasant perch overlooking the Cleveland plain and slopes back down gently towards the second village, passing a ruined church and castle, the group will stop around here for some lunch.

The journey back initially follows another quiet little known lane that winds gradually uphill to to a bridleway heading towards woodland and a winding course uphill.  Here the group can lookdown towards the ruins of a priory and a small diversion will reveal a peaceful chapel previously used by the monks in the priory below.

Then follows a pleasant easy gradual downward slope on a lane leads to the third and final village where the group will halt for a while to rest.  The very final stretch falls through woodland to a stream rises through pasture to an eventual rise to the start by way of an interesting direct approach up a charming narrow valley with thick wooded slopes to the south where buzzards often circle overhead.

This is a little more challenging than some lower hill walks with several ascents and descents spread over the walk but nothing that should trouble a regular hiker/rambler or someone with general good fitness.  The heights never exceed 300m so only moderate elevations reached in the day.

So if you want to explore the northwest area of the National Park and missed your chance earlier in the month come over to the North York Moors and spend a good few hours in really good company.

All the photographs used on this event page were taken by the walk leader and permission is granted to OutdoorLads for their use.

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Signpost on edge of slope with high moors in the distance
View of wooded hilltop from midway point of walk
Church ruins archways in the sunshine
View over green pasture to the woodland by  the beck
Distant view of higher moortops through trees
Signpost on edge of slope with high moors in the distance
View of wooded hilltop from midway point of walk
Church ruins archways in the sunshine
View over green pasture to the woodland by  the beck
Distant view of higher moortops through trees


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