Outdoor evening climbing at Castle Naze

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Outdoor Climbing
Aug 10

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Outdoor Climbing - for experienced climbers

Join us for an evening at the excellent gritstone edge of Castle Naze, with quality routes throughout the grades, with classics such as The Nithin, Studio, Scoop Face and Nozag and spectacular views over the Derbyshire countryside.  It is also a convenient crag for those without their own transport as it is just a mile's walk from Chapel-en-le-Frith railway station and there are late trains back to Manchester, Stockport and Buxton.

There's more Crag-info here.

Weather and daylight hours Please note that this event is subject to change / cancellation depending on weather conditions so please check your messages in the days before the event for any message from the event leader, who will keep you informed of any changes.  Bring a headtorch if you have one as sometime we like to push the limits of daylight hours on our evening climbing events, but taking part in this is not compulsory :-)

Required experience To attend this event you should have climbed indoors (preferably with Outdoorlads) before and you will be competent with tying in with a figure 8 knot, belaying a lead climber and climbing F6a indoors.  Depending on the availability of lead climbers, the number of places for those not able to lead may need to be restricted, on a first come-first served basis.

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Photos : Copyright granted to OutdoorLads by Sieh.


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Please note that every person participating should be aware of (and accept) that those members perceived as ‘in charge’ or leading the event are not experts,  do not need to be experts, and are not regarded by OutdoorLads, or themselves as experts, but are amateurs with some experience in the event type and who are happy to impart their knowledge.  Any advice given should be considered with this in mind by the recipient.

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