Oktoberfest at Thorpe Park

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Oktoberfest comes to Thorpe Park!

Thorpe Park is the UK's most thrilling theme park, with a vast selection of Rollercoasters for all kinds of thrill-seekers!

0-80mph in less than 2 seconds? That's STEATH.
The UK's first winged rollercoaster? That's SWARM.
The worlds first 10-loop rollercoaster? That's COLOSSUS

...But, there's too many to list here, Go check them all out here!

And then on top of that, it is OKTOBERFEST at Thorpe Park! Expect classic German delights, such as Bratwurst and Pretzels. Not to mention the traditional Oktoberfest beer, and Alcohol-free options are available too!

It's sure to be an amazing day :D

Have a look at the park map here.

Also, if you don't live local, then check out the Thorpe Shark Cabins - these are cute little cabins within the theme park that come with Theme Park tickets, fast pass, parking, and breakfast. 

You will need to book the tickets yourself. 

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If you have any questions, please send the event leader an email and we will be happy to help.

The event leader is going on Saturday and also Sunday. We will send some coordination information in good time before the event, such as meeting up etc.

Hope you're as excited as I am, See you there!

Images from commons.wikimedia.org, all under GNU Free Documentation License.
(Stealth Image Source, Colossus Image Source, Thorpe Park Resort Image Source)


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