Oasts and Ghosts in the Low Weald of Kent

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May 29

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70km/44miles, 361m elevation in 4 hours

An introduction to the Low Weald of Kent, riding alongside the hop farms, oasthouses, woods and wineries that give this area it's distinctive style, coupled with a climb up the Green Sands Ridge for views over the High Weald & North Downs.

This event is aimed at experienced riders with a reasonable fitness level who can ride at an average pace of 14mph. If this is faster than you would normally ride, or if you've not been in the saddle for a while, then please consider attending a Leisure Ride or an easy road ride in the first instance. This ride is 70km, so again please ensure you are able to complete this distance comfortably.

Note that this is an afternoon ride without a food stop, therefore you should ensure you have lunch before arriving at the start point.

Route Overview

We will start in the village of Marden, and head out to the Kent Weald countryside. Keep an eye out for the distinctive oast houses, many of which have been converted into homes. These round or square building were used in the drying of the hops to make beer.

After a short ride beside farmland, a hop field and ancient woodland we will pass Hushy Heath Winery. The grapes here are grown on the same chalk ridges that extend to the Champagne Region of France.

We then continue east, skirting the village of Staplehurst, through the village of Frittenden and cross country to Bethersden.  Watch out for grass and grit in the centre of these narrow lanes and also be on the look out for tractors and people riding horses. There is a shop in Bethersden to get supplies if needed.

When we leave the village we head north on the slow steady incline to Pluckley. Pluckley sits on the Green Sands Ridge, that runs from Sevenoaks to the coast. This is rumoured to be the most haunted village in England, so keep an eye out for any ghosts!

We then ride along the Green Sands Ridge, you will see to the High Weald on the south side, and to the north the North Downs. When we get to the village of Egerton, we come down from the ridge and start to wind our way towards Headcorn.

We skirt the edge of Headcorn and make our way back to finish in Marden.

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Kent Low Weald Fields view
Egerton Church
Woodland in low weald of Kent
Cyclists on the Greensands Ridge.
Kent Low Weald Fields view
Egerton Church
Woodland in low weald of Kent
Cyclists on the Greensands Ridge.


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