North vs South Bowling Challenge Bristol

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Feb 06

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Join Ben on our North vs South Bowling Challenge! We will be bowling in a popular Bristol centre, where we will compete with our friends in Liverpool to see whether the North or South will be crowned the bowling champion! (The Liverpool event is here!) 

Aden from the Time to Change Campaign will be joining us for this event, and then leading a short information session about the importance of mental wellbeing in the Horts afterwards.

February 6th marks Time to Talk Day which is a campaign led by a pro – mental wellbeing movement called Time to Change, which aims to change how we all think and act about mental health challenges. The theme for this years’ Time to Talk Day is ‘Would You Rather’, which aims to get communities together using activity to help break the ice and get the conversation around positive mental health flowing. After the bowling Aden will be holding an informal conversation in the Horts on how you can get involved. For more information and to join the movement:


Photo credits: all photos licenced the Creative Commons. Photos by Marco Verch and pixabay (also main event photo).

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