A New Pompey Social at The Old Customs House

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Mar 04

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The first venue in a new series of bimonthly midweek and pre-weekend socials at Portsmouth pubs and restaurants is one of the city's finest Georgian naval buildings. For OutdoorLads old and new, The Old Customs House (formerly The Vernon Building (1811) of 'stone frigate' and torpedo school HMS Vernon) will be our setting for meeting friends, welcoming newcomers, sharing news, discovering events and perhaps arranging dates. If you or a mate are curious about the life-enhancing, health-giving, fun-making opportunities of OutdoorLads, then a local social event is an ideal place to start. If you'd like to eat at the pub, please leave a note below and I'll book tables. 

(Picture credits: The Old Customs House by Marathon; The Old Customs House by Steve Daniels. Images licensed for re-use under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 2.0)


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