Midweek Walk: Chenies and Chess Valley

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Nov 20

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6 miles - 2 hours walking plus time for a lunch break

Lovely, easily accessible, 6 mile circular walk starting and finishing in Chenies 

It's a mixture of fields, woods, river, meadows, horses, sheep and even the possibility of watercress (if they have any at the watercress farm) and ice cream (they always have that). 

The Chess Valley has some of the most attractive countryside in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Chess itself is a 'chalk stream', fed by groundwater which forms in the layers of chalk rock below, which function like a sponge, soaking up rain water until it emerges at ground level. Chalk streams are shallow and narrow, with gravel beds and clear, warm water, hence facilitating the farming of watercress.

The wildlife of the Chess Valley is diverse, and at various times through the year it's possible to see kingfisher, water voles, brown trout or even the spectacular banded demoiselle damselfly, amongst many other species of birds, plants and animals.. 

It's almost certainly going to be a bit muddy, so wear walking boots or wellies, or trainers that you're not going to mind getting grubby.

Total ascent on the walk is 155m, basically down into the valley and back out again. 

It's dog friendly too, and I'll have at least one of my dogs with me, possibly both. 

You are very welcome to bring a dog/s on the walk. If you do, please do remember that you are responsible for the behaviour of your dog/s, so be prepared to keep dog/s on a lead if you are not confident that they will behave well with other dogs and walkers, or to be considerate to anyone else on the walk who may be less confident with dogs around.

There are usually sheep and horses at times on the way around so all dogs will need to be on the lead for those. But there are plenty of parts of the route with no farm animals so the dogs can have a good run around too. Your dog is always your responsibility.

hiking in the Chess Valley
dog looking at river side
Swans in the Chess Valley
hiking in the Chess Valley
dog looking at river side
Swans in the Chess Valley


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