Micro Event: Longfield, Pennis Wood and Dean's Bottom

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8 mile walk on easy terrain, there are several styles which you must climb unassisted.

A gentle walk around the Saxon village of Longfield on the North Downs, where the most exciting thing to have happened since the Norman Invasion was the building of the railway in the C19th.

After walking the ridge to the 1940's overflow village of New Barn we'll be going through the woods towards Hartley Manor and Hartley Church before heading for the site of a lost chapel among ancient earthworks, then taking footpaths through a golf course to Pennis Wood. From Gay Dawn Farm we'll head across open fields to Dean's Bottom and hence back to Longfield.


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Image Credit: Photos are provided by ODL member Richard Peel and OutdoorLads has permission to use them.


Ridge above Longfield Kent
Poppy nr Longfiled Kent
Hartley Wood, nr Longfield, Kent
Duck Pond Hartley Church
Hartley Church
Gay Dawn Farm, Kent
Wheat Harvest, nr Dean's Bottom, Kent
Ridge above Longfield Kent
Poppy nr Longfiled Kent
Hartley Wood, nr Longfield, Kent
Duck Pond Hartley Church
Hartley Church
Gay Dawn Farm, Kent
Wheat Harvest, nr Dean's Bottom, Kent


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