Manchester Board Game Night

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Jul 11

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Board games offer a fun blend of challenge, social interaction, and strategic thinking. They provide a chance to unwind, connect with friends, and exercise your brain all at once. With so many games to choose from, there's a perfect board game night waiting for everyone.

Fan Boy Three in Manchester is like a gamer's paradise! It's a store, cafe, and gaming haven all rolled into one. They have a huge collection of games, from board games to card games, and comfy spots to hang out and play.

There's a small cover charge of £3 per person to cover the whole session. This is paid separately at the start and you will get it back in credits if you decide to buy any games.

If you're new to OutdoorLads, you're especially welcome. It's a great way to meet and get to know people in a fun and relaxed environment. 

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