The Lost Villages of Leicestershire Day Walk

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Apr 07

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Difficulty is based on length: 20.4km (12.5 miles) - we will commence a bit earlier to allow time for a pub lunch.

This 12½ mile walk from Tugby takes in the villages of Rolleston, Glooston, Cranoe and Hallaton, as well as the sites of the long-lost medieval villages of Noseley and Othorpe

These "lost" villages were abandoned in the 15th and 16th centuries as a consequence of Enclosure, the  process in England of consolidating small landholdings into larger farms, which effectively ended the traditional rights to farm common land in an open field system. The process of enclusure created a large landless working class and led to a period of abject poverty and later revolt.

We will pass close by the 17th century Noseley Hall and also visit the medieval earthworks of Hallaton Castle, a Norman motte and bailey castle dating from the late 11th or early 12th century

The plan is to stop for lunch at The Bewicke Arms in the idyllic village of Hallaton. (Note that we'll need to confirm numbers for lunch one full week before the event date, so please do cancel-off, if your availability changes).

The village is known for its Easter 'Bottle-Kicking' Festival (well, maybe just locally famous) and for the Hallaton Treasure, the largest ever hoard of British Iron Age coins. Across the road from the pub is a conical stone buttercross, where villagers in medieval times would meet to sell fresh produce. It is also where the winner of the bottle-kicking festival sits aloft, victorious.

After lunch, we'll make our way across Moor Hill Spinney and Hallaton Spinney back to Tugby.

Note: although a relatively easy walk, the length of the walk, combined with the time required for a pub lunch means we will need to maintain a decent pace!

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Image credits: Main Image: Buttercross, Hallaton ©Colin Smith; Image 2: Motte and Bailey, Castle Hill, Hallaton ©Tim Heaton; Image 4: Motte and Bailey West of Hallaton ©Chris; Image 5: Market Cross, Hallaton ©Graham Horn (All licensed for re-use under the Creative Commons). 

Hallaton Buttercross
Hallaton Castle
Halaton Castle
Hallaton Motte and Bailey Castle
Market Cross Hallaton
Hallaton Buttercross
Hallaton Castle
Halaton Castle
Hallaton Motte and Bailey Castle
Market Cross Hallaton


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