London Indoor Climbing Evening - beginners

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Indoor Climbing

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Want to learn the ropes and give indoor climbing a go? Then why not join OutdoorLads at the Castle Climbing Centre, where you will be taken through all you need to know for your climber’s journey, as well as having a fun, sociable evening with our other members on the experienced session.

Indoor climbing centres offer the challenges of climbing that you'll find on natural outdoor structures - simply indoors! It's a fun way to stay fit, you'll quickly begin to develop arm, back, finger and core strength as a result of the many reaches and holds that are repeated through to the completion of a climb. It's a great upper-body workout!

This event is for all full, trial and guest OutdoorLads members that have either never climbed before or have tried climbing in the past, but cannot sign into a climbing centre to climb unsupervised.

To come along, you will need to register via the event page, and to climb you will need to pay an entry fee directly to the centre when you arrive. For entry fee prices at the centre go to:


London Climbing
London Climbing


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