London February Social - in the West End

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Feb 12

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Our monthly London pub socials are the perfect gateway to Outdoor Lads and our busy diary of brilliant events!

Typically our socials have a rich mix of regulars, occasionals, and newbies, not only from London and the South East, but dropping in from across the country. 

We will have space to ourselves in this friendly venue, and you'll be very welcome to indulge in a soft drink even though we are meeting in a bar!

Whether it's hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, or a range of other activities - we do it!  Outdoors is our focus, but our socials are the chance to catch up with lads you've already met, find out about the group, and meet new members and event leaders. 

Look forward to seeing you!

Is this your first ODL event?

If you have never been to one of our events before, attending your first event with OutdoorLads might feel daunting. What will happen, who will be there, and what can you expect? We know that new members in particular like to know in advance more about what an OutdoorLads event will be like. Check out the information designed specifically for you on the My First Event page on the ODL website

If you have any other questions you can send a message to the leader. 

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Feedback from our London Social:

"it was my first ever event and I was super nervous walking in, but I was really welcomed, and ended up having a good evening, the guys were great. I heard about the ODL activities, I'm in!"

"I don't live in London, but was down for work that day, so I came along. Brilliant to catch up with some of the lads I haven't seen in a long while" 

Photos: Provided by the leader and used with permission. 

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