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Dec 19

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A great place to be introduced to the group or meet up with old friends and new!

This is an easy going pub evening. You can catch up with lads you have met on previous events and meet others you have not met before. You can chat with the leaders and event coordinators, tell them what you think of the events on offer, what's working and not, and get the latest inside info on what's being planned, but not quite live on the site yet. Come and chat to the leaders and see what great events we've got planned in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We expect to be downstairs but the venue may have to juggle parties about and put us upstairs-we will keep you informed.

As this is London Christmas Social Anyone who would like to wear a Christmas Jumper, Christmas Shirt or Christmas T-Shirt there will be a Small Prize for Best Christmas Top. 


Dan won The Christmas Jumper Prize
Dan won The Christmas Jumper Prize